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Marquis is the Barbershop Harmony Society's 1995 International Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor - Dale Fetick
  • Lead - Randy Chisholm
  • Baritone - Paul Gilman
  • Bass - Jay Hawkins

Contest Placement


1994 1995
4th 1st

District (JAD)


Diamond Cuts In The Wee Small Hours
With A Song In My Heart Lazy River
When The Midnight Choo-choo Leaves For Alabam' My Gal Sal
When I Fall In Love Fit As A Fiddle
Give Me The Simple Life Every Day Of My Life
Never Never Land Memories
I Found A Million Dollar Baby... Lulu's Back In Town
What Kind Of Fool Am I I'll Be Seeing You
Taking A Chance On Love In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
The Sweetheart Tree Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
It's Only A Paper Moon Who'll Dry Your Tears
Gypsy Love Song I Wonder If We'll Ever Meet Again (Dear Old Gal Of Mine)
Watch What Happens With Plenty Of Money And You
I Will Never Pass This Way Again What'll I Do
On The Boardwalk In Atlantic City

Extended History

Marquis won the 1995 International Quartet Championship at Miami Beach representing the gold medal rich Johnny Appleseed District. They credit their win to having the right attitude.

Each member had sung in successful quartets before and brought that experience with them to the group. Jay previously sang with The Coalition (1977 JAD Champs), The Naturals and Interstate Rivals and later won the Society’s “Music Man Quartet” championship with Great Honk. Paul sang with Class Notes, Brand New Gang, Ricochet (1992 JAD Champs) and the Interstate Rivals. Dale sang with Uncle Sam’s Music Review, The Last National Prank, Bustin’ Loose and Ricochet. Randy sang with The Halton County Roadshow (1980 ONT District Champs), Act IV ( JAD Champs) and The Naturals (JAD Champs and 4-time Int’l Medalist).

Marquis won the 1994 Johnny Appleseed District championship and placed fourth in their first International together.

They received help with selecting the right music from arrangers Don Gray, Walter Latzko, Ed Waesche, Rob Hopkins, Bill Mitchell and their primary coaches, Jim Miller and Ken Buckner.

Randy was an iconic, standout lead with a powerful voice and a master of song interpretation. He managed to hold back enough to create the perfect blend in Marquis. Originally a baritone, Jay adjusted his championship bass voice from his 1987 Interstate Rivals gold medal to blend with his new lead. Paul also had to adjust and adapt from his baritone in IR.

They managed to sing lots of shows and hold many productive rehearsals despite the fact that Randy was living in Ohio, Paul and Dale in Cincinnati and Jay in Louisville.

Marquis was also very active in the music leadership of the Cincinnati Southern Gateway Chorus and served the chapter in many ways. Paul went on to direct the chorus and led them to six appearances at Int’l with a 9th place finish in 2005.

The 1995 Marquis win completed the double gold medal effort by all four members of the 1987 Interstate Rivals adding Jay Hawkins and Paul Gilman (IR Lead Joe Connelly won his second in 1992 – IR Tenor Kipp Buckner won his second in 1993).

Marquis' first recording was “In The Wee Small Hours” followed by “Diamond Cuts”. Their most popular songs were Lulu’s Back in Town, When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam’, I Found A Million Dollar Baby and Randy’s special treatment of What Kind Of Fool Am I.

Sadly, Randy Chisholm died unexpectedly in August 3, 1997 from complications following a staph infection in Mid-July.

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