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  • Quartets in the Johnny Appleseed District may compete in the fall District Competition, the spring International Qualifier, or both. This page covers the fall District contest.

Johnny Appleseed District Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Members (Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass)
2022 Rare Blend Buckeye Columbus, OH; Frank Thorne; Greater Central Ohio Jason Wulf, Chad Wulf, Jeff Dolan, Ryan McDivitt
2019 Trademark Independence, OH; Frank Thorne Matthew Cook, Keith Parker Jr., Brandon Miller, Chris Gregory
2018 Harmonic Thunder Greater Central Ohio; Northwest Ohio; Frank Thorne Kevin Clark, Nathan Ogg, Will Baughman, Dave Parrett
2017 Speakeasy Independence, OH; Frank Thorne; Dallas Metro, TX; St. Charles, MO Matthew Arthur, Keith Parker Jr., Kerry Conrad, Terry Keith
2016 The Crew Frank Thorne; Western Hills, OH; Greater Central Ohio Noah Campbell, Patrick Michel, Paul Gilman, Jared Wolf
2015 Quorum Greater Central Ohio; Frank Thorne; Hell's Kitchen, NY; Independence, OH Jacob "Puck" Ross, Chris Vaughn, Nick Gordon, Gary Lewis
2014 Jam Session Buckeye Columbus, OH; Denver Mile High, CO; Elizabethtown, KY Adam Reimnitz, Jeremy Conover, Chad Wulf, Paul Agnew
2013 Common Core Greater Central Ohio; Buckeye Columbus, OH Mike Nesler, Josh VanGorder, Mike Hull, Steve Denino
2012 The Con Men Greater Central Ohio David Strasser, Matt Hopper, Russell Watterson, Brent Suver
2011 The Franchise Greater Montreal, QC; Elizabethtown, KY; Town North Plano, TX; Western Hills, OH Drew Wheaton, Eric Bell, Paul Gilman, Jay Hawkins
2010 Maverick Greater Central Ohio; Buckeye Columbus, OH Josh VanGorder, Jonathan Zimmerman, Mike Hull, Dave Jarrell
2009 4-Way Stop Greater Central Ohio Mike Wright, Rob Churgovich, Joe Downey, Ryan McDivitt
2008 Cadillac Jack Greater Central Ohio; Buckeye Columbus, OH Carl J. Cash III, Mike Harrison, Steve Kovach, Richard Brooks
2007 TKO Greater Central Ohio; Frank Thorne; ? Garry Texeira, Jon Zimmerman, Aaron Hughes, David Jarrell
2006 The Allies Greater Central Ohio Jacob "Puck" Ross, David Calland, Casey Parsons, Jared Wolf
2005 Hot Air Buffoons Canton, OH; Shenango Valley, PA; Independence, OH; Northwest Ohio; Maumee Valley, OH Denny Price, Mark Lang, Harry Haflett, Randy Baughman
2004 Odds On Elyria, OH; Frank Thorne; Northwest Ohio; Fostoria, OH; ? Dan Trakas, Mike Harrison, Kerry Conrad, Jason Cash
2003 Rhythmix Greater Central Ohio; Buckeye Columbus, OH Mike Nesler, Chad St. John, Mike Hull, Matt Rice
2002 Impulse Buckeye Columbus, OH Jason Wulf, Chad Wulf, Mike Byrley, Richard Brooks
2001 MatriX Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH; Buckeye Columbus, OH; Greater Central Ohio Dale Fetick, Mark Green, Paul Gilman, Brian O'Dell
2000 Park Avenue Buckeye Columbus, OH Mark Nofziger, Gary Wulf, Matt Bridger, Mark Hannum
1999 Desperado Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Randy Goss, Mike Harrison, Jeff Legters, Paul Coleman
1998 Turning Point Maumee Valley, OH Joshua Van Gorder, Chad St. John, Brody McDonald, David Jarrell
1997 Dynamics Buckeye-Columbus, OH Dave Wallace, Gary Wulf, Matt Bridger, Bill Baughman
1996 Uptown Sound Black Swamp, Buckeye-Columbus and Canton, OH Jeff Archer, David Calland, Steve Kovach, Steve Denino
1995 Rumors Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Bob Moorehead, Marco Crager, Tom Rouse, Steve Sick
1994 Marquis Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Dale Fetick, Randy Chisholm, Paul Gilman, Jay Hawkins
1993 Yesteryear Elyria & Maumee Valley, OH Dan Trakas, Mark Blake, Rod Nixon, Randy Baughman
1992 Ricochet Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Dale Fetick, Marco Crager, Paul Gilman, Brian Doepke
1991 Mason Dixon Line Morgantown, WV; Frank Thorne Wendell Pryor, Drayton Justus, Dan Tice, David Callis
1990 Joker's Wild Buckeye Columbus, OH; Shenango Valley, PA Steve Iannacchione, Mark Green, Steve Legters, David Kindinger
1989 Bowery Boys Buckeye Columbus, OH Pat Tucker-Kelly, Gary Wulf, Doug Smeltz, Steve Denino
1988 The Naturals Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Bob Moorehead, Randy Chisholm, Mike Connelly, Jim Gentil
1987 Act IV Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH; Miami Valley, OH Bob Moorehead, Randy Chisholm, Woody Woodrow, Dick Baker
1986 His Master's Voice Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Don Gray, Chuck Young, Dave Jung, Gil Storms
1985 New Affair Greater Pittsburgh, PA; Frank Thorne David Meyer, Mike Sisk, Dave Bash, David Stucker
1984 Bustin Loose Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH & Dayton Metro (Dayton), OH Dale Fetick, Marco Crager, Tom Rouse, Troy Kaper
1983 Harmony Partners Greater Pittsburgh, PA Leo Sisk, Mike Sisk, Dave Bash, Al Kolesar
1982 New Regime Maumee Valley, 0H Stan Witteveen, Rick Middaugh, Randy Edinger, Fred Schaefer
1981 The Rapscallions Toledo, Western Hills (Cincinnati), Wayne County and Maumee Valley, OH David Smotzer, David Wallace, Tim Frye, Jeff Oxley
1980 Cincinnati Kids Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Randy Graham, Scott Brannon, George Gipp, Steve Thacker
1979 Sound Syndicate Defiance, Elyria & Maumee Valley, 0H Jim Shisler, Rod Nixon, James Covey, Ben Ayling
1978 Re-Arrangement Pittsburgh, PA & Elyria, OH Wendell Pryor, Ray Neikirk, Dave Bash, Max French
1977 The Coalition Lima, OH Dennis Spragg, Dave Wright, Jay Hawkins, Fred Schaefer
1976 Matinee Idols Akron, OH Dan Trakas, Rod Nixon, Steve Pence, Al Downey
1975 The Road Show Warren, 0H; Pittsburgh & Alle-Kiski, PA Leo Sisk, Dick Hurl, Larry Autenreith, Larry Brown
1974 Limelighters Stark County, OH Tom Remark, David Schmidt, Darryl Flinn, Dick Middaugh
1973 Four-in-Legion Defiance, OH Jim Shisler, Wes Dorsey, Gene Giffey, Lowell Applegate
1972 Sound Advice Elyria, OH Rod Nixon, Glenn Gibson, Ray Dever, Dick Whiteman
1971 Chord Dusters Elyria and Stark County, OH Jack Stephan, Ray Neikrik, Darryl Flinn, Max French
1970 Akromatics Akron, OH Tom Hine, Dave Schmidt, Lefty Parasson, Gene Nichols
1969 New Harmony Four Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Don Jennings, Mike Connelly, Gene Courts, Jim Gentil
1968 The Point Four Pittsburgh East Hills, PA Leo Sisk, Art Lazar, Pete Boyle, Larry Brown
1967 The Travelers Pittsburgh, PA Chet Langford, Larry Autenreith, Don Sheetz, Al Kolesar
1966 The Four Encores Elyria, OH Glenn Gibson, Ray Neikirk, Ray Dever, Roger Blodgett
1965 Roaring '20s Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH Don Gray, Mike Connelly, Ron Riegler, Tom Schlinkert
1964 Wayfarers Buckeye (Columbus) and Newark, OH Frank Martin, Barry Porter, Paul Shannon, Tom Ewald
1963 The Blazers Dayton, OH Ben Duer, Trask Berry, Jack Smith, Jack Rickert
1962 The Post Grads Lakewood, OH David Johnson, David Keymer, Geore O'Brian, Dan Mihuta
1961 The Sta-Laters Painesville, OH Al Anderson, Bill Bleasdale, Fred Kent, Jim Jones
1960 Four-Get-Me-Notes Columbus, Buckeye, OH Bob Durst, Ron Morrison, George Core, Cline Clary
1959 The Colonials East Liverpool, Oh Jim Raffle, Chuck Brooks, Dale Keddie, Bill Brooks
1958 Town and Country Four Pittsburgh, PA Leo Sisk, Larry Autenreith, Jack Elder, Ralph Anderson
1957 Hi Fi Four Medina-Lakewood (Cleveland) OH Wayne Thompson, George O'Brian, Stu Pearson, Dan Mihuta
1956 Babbling Brooks East Liverpool, OH Bobby Brooks, Earl Brooks, Chuck Brooks, Bill Brooks
1955 Lima Uncalled Four Lima, OH Ron Williams, Cliff Willis, Moony Willis, Lane Bushong
1954 The Humdingers Canton, OH Frank Siler, Bill White, Vic Glenn, Ralph Craddock
1953 Lytle Brothers Sharon, PA Dick Lytle, Bob Lytle, Paul Lytle, Matt Lytle
1952 Four Maldehydes Pittsburgh, PA Kay Cupples, Tom O'Malley, Dutch Wineland, "Dutch" Miller
1951 Four-in-a-Chord Cleveland, OH Ken Emerson, Al Gross, Tom Wellman, Ray Beiber
1950 Hi-Chords Lorain, OH George Von Kaenel, Bob Meske, Bob Williams, Hal Boelher
1949 Closeaires Middletown, OH Charles Margerum, George Flemming, Charles Apking, Ray Lovely
1948 Jolly Fellows Dayton, OH Carl Lang, Leroy Lang, Claude Lang, Pat Nurrenbrock
1947 Buzz Saws Columbus, OH Staff Taylor, Bruce Lynn, Snook Neal, George Chamblin
1946 Tom Cats Massillon, OH Bob Smith, Bernie Harmelink, Hap Goudy, Al Gretziner
1945 Ramblers Cleveland, OH Carl Mayer, George Cripps, Leon Miller, Lou Dusenberry
1944 Lamplighters Cleveland, OH Tom Brown, Murray Honeycut, Ces Rowe, Walter Karl

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