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In SAI, the Regional Chorus Competition also serves as the International Qualifier. In addition to the Regional Champs, other high-scoring choruses may earn a wildcard slot.

At contest time, all singers must be members in good standing of both SAI and the Region, as must the chapter itself.

Regional Chorus Champions

Year Open Chorus Director Int'l Small (A) Midsize (AA)
2022 Brindabella Glenda Lloyd Brindabella A Cappella West
2019 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker Murrumbidgee Magic Brindabella
2018 A Cappella West Lindsey Dyer & Joanne Oosterhoff  ? Murrumbidgee Magic Brindabella (1st AA Harmony Classic Intl 2019)
2017 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker  ? Circular Keys Melbourne
2016 Perth Harmony Carole Macintyre  ? Murrumbidgee Magic Brindabella
2015 A Cappella West Lindsey Dyer & Joanne Oosterhoff  ? Brisbane City Sounds Melbourne
2014 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker 10th Bathurst Panorama Melbourne
2013 Perth Harmony Carole Macintyre  ? Vocalescence Bathurst Panorama
2012 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker  ? Vocalescence Brindabella
2011 Circular Keys Vicki Dwyer  ? Murrumbidgee Magic Melbourne
2010 Perth Harmony Carole Macintyre  ? Coastal A Cappella Bathurst Panorama
2009 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker  ? Murrumbidgee Magic Wollonogong Harmony
2008 Melbourne Jeannette Whitmore na Murrumbidgee Magic Bathurst Panorama
2007 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey 16 Redland Rhapsody Brindabella
2006 Endeavour Harmony Lea Baker  ? Bathurst Panorama Circular Keys
2005 Melbourne Jeannette Whitmore  ? Yarra Ranges Harmony
2004 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey  ? Out Of The Blue Melbourne
2002 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey  ? Circular Keys Wollongong Harmony
2000 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey 18th
1998 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey  ?
1996 Melbourne Chorus
1994 Perth Harmony Cathy Rainey Harmony Achievement Award
1992 Melbourne Chorus
1990 Melbourne Chorus

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