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Nicholas (Nick) Bryant is a member of the British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) and has sung in multiple quartets and choruses. He is the Baritone in the 2016 BABS Youth Champions 4 On Demand

Groups and Awards



Hallmark of Harmony (2010-Present)


  • LABBS Entertainment Award 2014
  • BABS Bronze Medal 2012, 2016
  • BABS Silver Medal 2013
  • BABS Gold Medal 2014
  • BHS International 19th Place Chorus 2015


  • Assistant Baritone Section Leader 2014

The Grand Central Chorus (November 2015-Present)


  • BABS Silver Medal 2016
  • BABS Entertainment Award 2016
  • IABS International Chorus Champions 2016

Sing It Society (2016-Present)


  • Baritone Section Co-leader 2016-Present

Smallmark (2015)

Smallmark was a one-off project, consisting of the young members of Hallmark of Harmony, to fulfil the chorus' invitation to mic-test the 2015 BABS Chorus Contest. They had one rehearsal and were directed by Nick Bryant. Their mic-warming performance scored 76.4%.


  • Musical Director



Nick first started singing with Hallmark of Harmony in 2010 when he was 10 years old, following his older brother Peter Bryant who had joined 3 years before. It was with Hallmark of Harmony when Nick competed at a BABS convention for the first time (2012) singing tenor. The Bronze Medal which the chorus won that year was the first barbershop award Nick won. The following year, Nick competed with Hallmark of Harmony again and won a Silver Medal.

After the BABS convention in 2013, Nick started singing Baritone and became Assistant Baritone Section Leader in 2014. At the 2014 BABS convention, Nick won a Gold Medal with Hallmark of Harmony.

As 2014 Chorus Champions, Hallmark of Harmony were to hold the mic-warming spot preceding the 2015 BABS Chorus Contest. In stead of the entire chorus attending this spot, a contingent of members who were the same age as or younger than Andy Allen formed a smaller chorus called Smallmark. Nick was appointed Musical Director of Smallmark and directed them during the mic-warming spot to achieve a score of 76.4%. This performance made him the youngest chorus director in British Barbershop history.

In November 2015, Nick moved from Sheffield to Belper, Derbyshire, and began singing Baritone with The Grand Central Chorus. He competed with both Hallmark of Harmony and The Grand Central Chorus in the following BABS Chorus Contest and won a Bronze Medal and a Silver Medal respectively. The Grand Central Chorus also won the LABBS Entertainment Award in 2016. Due to his relocation to Derbyshire, Nick sang with Hallmark of Harmony as Project Horizon member.

In October 2016, Nick competed at the IABS International Chorus Contest with The Grand Central Chorus and won the IABS International Chorus Contest.

In November 2016, Nick joined the Sing It Society mixed chorus in Manchester and was made Baritone Section Co-leader for contest purposes.


Nick's quartet debut was with Apollo in 2012 with whom he sang Tenor. At 12 years old, this made Nick one of the youngest British quartet competitors in BABS history. Apollo scored 55.2% and disbanded after the 2012 Quartet Prelims.

Nick's next competing quartet was Ru Pattie and the Jazz Quintet who competed at the BABS Quartet Prelims in 2014 with Nick singing Baritone for the first time. They came 2nd in the BABS Youth Contest with a score of 63.2%. The quartet disbanded after the 2014 Quartet Prelims.

Nick's third and current quartet is 4 On Demand who first competed at the 2015 BABS Quartet Prelims with Nick singing Baritone. In 2015, they came 4th in the BABS Youth Contest and 11th in the National Contest with a score of 68.0%. This qualified them for the BABS Semi-finals in May 2016. In the Semi-final round, 4 On Demand achieved a score of 71.3%, which put them through to the National Finals. Their Finals performance scored 70.3%, earning them 70.8% overall and 5th Place. They were also presented with the Sheng Pitch Pipe for highest-scoring Novice Quartet.

4 On Demand competed at the 2016 IABS International Quartet Contest and won the Silver Medal with a score of 71.1%. This was Nick's first quartet award.

At the BABS National Prelims, 4 On Demand became the BABS Youth Champions and placed 9th in the National Contest with a score of 71.3%. This qualified them for the BABS Quartet Semi-finals in May 2017.


  • Nick has only ever competed in quartet with his older brother Peter Bryant.
  • He has a total of 8 barbershop medals: 5 BABS Chorus, 1 IABS Chorus, 1 IABS Quartet and 1 BABS Youth.
  • He is currently studying A Levels in Maths, Physics and English Language.
  • He is a keen recreational mathematician and spends much of his spare time enjoying the subject.
  • Since joining The Grand Central Chorus, Nick has entered 2 tags into the FYCB Tag Book along with Zac Booles, namely "Simply Second Nature" and "Giants in the Sky".