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Peter Bryant is a British barbershopper. He has sung in numerous quartets and choruses, and has been in multiple chorus leadership positions. He is the Lead in the 2016 BABS Youth Quartet Champion 4 On Demand.

Groups and Awards



Hallmark of Harmony

2007 - Present ("Project Horizon" member since 2013)


  • BABS Entertainment Award 2014
  • BABS Bronze Medal 2012, 2016
  • BABS Silver Medal 2013
  • BABS Gold Medal 2014
  • BHS International 19th Place Chorus 2015


  • Lead Section Leader 2010-2011
  • Assistant Musical Director 2011-2012

Spirit of Harmony

2013 - Present


  • IABS International Chorus Silver Medalist 2016


  • Tenor Section Leader 2015-2016
  • Performance Team Chairman 2016 - Present

Sing It Society

2016 - Present


  • Lead Section Leader 2016 - Present



Smallmark was a one-off project formed of the young members of Hallmark of Harmony, to fulfil the chorus' invitation to mic-test the 2015 BABS Chorus Contest.

They had one rehearsal and were directed by Nick Bryant. Their mic-testing slot scored 76.4%.

National Barbershop Youth Chorus

2007 - 2013



Peter was first exposed to barbershop in 2006 when his stepfather, Barry Clinton, took him to the 2006 BABS Convention. Notably, the international guests at that convention were the Ambassadors of Harmony.

Peter joined Hallmark of Harmony in 2007 after completing their Learn to Sing Course in 2006. In 2010, at the age of 14, he was appointed Lead Section Leader for the chorus. In 2011, he became Assistant Musical Director. He retained this position until 2012.

In 2012, he won his first medal: the BABS Chorus Bronze. In 2013, he achieved another medal, this time a Chorus Silver.

In September 2013, he moved away from Sheffield to study for a degree in York, UK. He continued to sing with Hallmark of Harmony as part of their Project Horizon initiative. He also joined Spirit of Harmony, which had become his local chorus. He did not sing with them at the 2014 BABS convention, instead choosing to focus on Hallmark. He won the BABS Chorus Contest with Hallmark of Harmony in 2014.

In 2015, he made his contest debut with Spirit of Harmony during Hallmark's compulsory champion's sabbatical. The same year, after the contest, he was appointed Tenor Section Leader.

2016 was Peter's first competition singing with both Spirit of Harmony and Hallmark of Harmony. Spirit achieved 6th Place, and Hallmark received the Bronze Medal. Since that contest, he has been appointed Performance Team Chairman at Spirit of Harmony. He was also awarded Spirit of Harmony's 2016 Barbershopper of the Year award, by popular vote.

Later in 2016, Spirit of Harmony travelled to the IABS Convention in Cork and competed in the International Chorus Contest. They came 2nd in the competition, earning the Silver Medal.

In 2016, he joined the Sing It Society mixed chorus in Manchester and was appointed Lead Section Leader for contest purposes.


Peter's quartet debut was in 2010, with Quadzilla. They competed in the 2010 BABS Quartet Prelims, finishing last with an overall score of around 46% - one of the lowest in BABS history. In 2011, the quartet competed again, this time achieving 56%. In 2012 (the end of the contest cycle which began in 2011), the quartet received the BABS Most Improved Quartet award. Quadzilla disbanded some time in 2012.

Also in 2011, he competed for the first time with Forge and achieved 21st Place in their first prelims contest.

In the 2012 prelims, he sang with 3 quartets: Forge, Crucible, and Apollo. Forge placed 13th, earning Peter his BABS Semi-Final debut. Crucible and Apollo disbanded.

In the 2013 BABS Semi-Final, Forge achieved 10th Place with a score of around 66%. The quartet disbanded after this contest since Peter, and the quartet's tenor Joe Pickin, were about to move away to university.

Peter took a break from quartet singing for the 2013 Prelims (although he had planned to sing in a quartet with Mike Savarin, Ash Baker and Jack Fearn), and returned to the quartet stage in the 2014 Prelims with 2 quartets: Identity, and Ru Pattie and the Jazz Quintet. Ru Pattie and the Jazz Quintet came 2nd in that year's Youth Quartet Contest (held at Prelims), and Identity achieved a place in the 2015 Quartet Semi-Final.

In the 2015 Semi-Final, Identity achieved tied 8th Place with South Parade, who achieved a higher SNG score and so technically should have been selected as mic-testers for that year's final. However, due to an error in the judging system Identity were drawn as mic-testers. They invited South Parade to take their place, but South Parade declined on the basis that their baritone was singing in the final with Blueprint. Identity sang the mic-testing set, but disbanded after that contest due the bass and tenor moving away.

Peter formed a new quartet for the 2015 Prelims: 4 On Demand. They achieved a score of 68% which earned them 11th Place and a spot in the 2016 BABS Semi-Final.

In the Semi-Final round, 4 On Demand achieved a score of 71.3%, which put them through to that year's Final. Their Finals performance scored 70.3%, earning them 70.8% overall and 5th Place. They were also presented with the Sheng Pitch Pipe for highest-scoring Novice Quartet.

Later in 2016, 4 On Demand travelled to the IABS Convention and competed in the International Quartet Contest. They achieved a score of 71.1% and Silver Medal position.

In November 2016, they competed once again in the BABS Quartet Prelims and Youth Contest. They achieved a score of 71.3%, earning them 9th Place overall and the BABS 2016 Youth Quartet Championship. They also earned a place in the 2017 BABS Semi-Final.


  • Peter's brother Nick Bryant has sung in 3 quartets, all with Peter: Apollo, Ru Pattie and the Jazz Quintet, and 4 On Demand.
  • Peter may be the only BABS member to have achieved a score that was double a score he previously achieved. In 2010, Quadzilla received a 36 from a MUS judge in a contest song. In 2016, 4 On Demand received a 73 from a MUS judge in a contest song: more than double that of Quadzilla's MUS score.
  • He has 7 medals in total: 4 BABS Chorus, 1 BABS Youth, 1 IABS Chorus, and 1 IABS Quartet
  • He has a Nooj number of 5. The Nooj number is the number of links in the quartet chain between a given barbershopper and Peter Nugent.