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In SAI, the Regional Chorus Competition also serves as the International Qualifier. In addition to the Regional Champs, other high-scoring choruses may earn a wildcard slot.

At contest time, all singers must be members in good standing of both SAI and the Region, as must the chapter itself.

Regional Chorus Champions

Year Chorus Chapter Director Int'l
2015 City of Lakes
2014 Fox Valley Chorus
2013 City of Lakes
2012 Twin Cities Show
2011 City of Lakes
2010 Twin Cities Show
2009 City of Lakes Minneapolis, MN Brent Graham  ?
2008 Twin Cities Richfield, MN Judy Olson 28th
2007 City of Lakes Minneapolis, MN 12th
2006 Twin Cities Richfield, MN Judy Olson 31st
2005 City of Lakes
2004 Vallee de Croix Stillwater, MN  ?
2003 City of Lakes
2002 Vallee de Croix Stillwater, MN  ?
2001 City of Lakes
2000 Acappella Xpress
1999 City of Lakes
1998 Twin Cities Show
1997 City of Lakes
1996 Twin Cities Show
1995 City of Lakes
1994 Twin Cities Show
1993 City of Lakes
1992 Twin Cities Show
1991 City of Lakes
1990 Fargo Moorhead
1989 Twin Cities
1988 City of Lakes
1987 Forest Lake
1986 City of Lakes
1985 Fargo Moorhead
1984 City of Lakes
1983 Forest Lake
1982 City of Lakes
1981 Fargo Moorhead
1980 City of Lakes
1979 Twin Cities
1978 Fargo Moorhead
1977 City of Lakes
1976 Fargo Moorhead

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