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Since 2011, LABBS have held a quartet competition for previous Quartet Champions as part of the LABBS convention. As previous quartet winners cannot re-compete in the main competition, it was designed to encourage quartet champions to continue as a quartet and give them a new goal to work to.

Since 2013, the premise of the competition is that it is also scored on "entertainment" value as well as the standard three category scoring in Singing, Music and Presentation to emulate a "show spot" that QCs often get asked to perform. Instead of there being a two song requirement for the competition like the standard quartet competition, there is a time limit.

The winners receive a red and silver crown pin to place on their Quartet champion ribbon.

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass
2014 No competition held
2013 Finesse CAL Helen Owen, Beth Brimmicombe, Tanya Jenkins, Nicky Salt
2012 Miss-Demeanour Warrington and CAL Kim Potter, Suzanne Mansfield, Amelia Charnock, Sarah Cole
2011 After Hours Leeds Alison Spencer, Jo Braham, Julie Smith, Jane Ford

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