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Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass
2020 No contest No contest No contest
2019 Sound Central Club at Large Jennifer Crooks, Suzanne Mansfield, Sarah Bolton, Beverley Mackenzie
2018 Avalon LABBS Youth Chorus, Amersham, South Gloucestershire and Club at Large Boo de Bruin, Helen Warner, Karen Lillywhite, Sophie Wilson
2017 Soundhouse Stockport, Leeds and Preston Emma McManus, Sally McLean, Laura Phillips, Hannah Barber
2016 Toneacity Club at Large Kate Firth, Lesley Carson, Jen Carson-Fox, Lesley Sheridan
2015 Pzazz Greater Manchester Sarah Hicks, Gill Irwin, Julie Robinson, Monica Funnell
2014 Hot Note Iver Heath and Club at Large Gaynor Schofield, Rowena Phillips, Christine Avis, Colette Coull
2013 Echo Club at Large Karen Riley, Emma Shanks, Beckie Puncher, Claire Heighway
2012 The Mix Warrington and Club at Large Andrea Day, Jo Braham, Nancy Kelsall, Sandra Lea-Riley
2011 Fortuity Bristol and Club at Large Veryan Zimber, Gemma Netherton-Hind, Sarah Netherton, Sian Netherton-Hind
2010 Miss-Demeanour Lymm and Club at Large Sarah Foster, Suzanne Mansfield, Amelia Charnock, Sarah Cole
2009 Finesse Garden Isle/Norwich/CAL Helen Owen, Beth Brimmicombe, Tanya Jenkins, Nicky Salt
2008 NoteOrious Amersham Astrid Shepherd, Alison Moore, Rose Hopkinson, Helen Lappert
2007 Havoc South Glos, Club at Large Ali Jack, Linda Corcoran, Donna Hicks, Jo Dean
2006 After Hours Leeds Alison Spencer, Jo Braham, Julie Smith, Jane Ford
2005 Enigma Iver Heath Sue Hunt, Rowena Phillips Steph Ramsey, Sue Burgis
2004 Finesse Iver Heath, Potton, CAL Helen Owen, Beth Brimmicombe, Tanya Jenkins, Debbie Clark
2003 The Jazz Firm Leeds Uli Grigoleit, Sally McLean, Alison Jones, Jenny Share
2002 Caboodle Potton Kim Handel, Jenn Duhig, Caroline Donovan, Ally Law
2001 Eu4ia Lymm Kate Firth, Nancy Kelsall, Jane Grant, Sandra Lea-Riley
2000 Indigo Blue Lymm Liz Wilson-Smith, Chris Lines, Denise Lines, Monica Danby
1999 Crackerjack Leeds Annmarie Connett, Jo Braham, Louise Williams, Pauline Winn
1998 Sounds Familiar Bromley Gaynor Dugay, Jenny Green, Cathy Davies, Jean Digby
1997 Jamboree! Havant/Garden Isle/W.London Anita Sides, Beth Sides, Toni-Ann Hirayama Penketh, Karen Penketh
1996 Majority Decision Potton Linda Wood, Glenys Todd
1995 Fever Pitch Chesham Gay McBride, Wendy Searle, Sue Angel, Sarah Miller
1994 Checkmate Greater Manchester, Lymm, Preston Linda Corcoran, Madeline Jeory, Gill Irwin, Monica Danby
1993 Family Ties Garden Isle Anita Sides, Chris Sloper, Miriam Bright, Beth Brimmicombe
1992 Downtown Express Leeds Dot Hall, Sally McLean, Jenny Share, Jane Ford
1991 Tapestry Chesham Sue Wheeler, Val Clarke, Chris Moore, Lynne Owen
1990 Montage Stockport Liz Wilson-Lamb, Lesley Carson, Anne Lowing, Jean Thomas
1989 Special Issue Sheffield Alison Teasdale, Sarah Miller, Andrea Teasdale, Pam Teasdale
1988 Peppercorn Amber Valley Suzi Park, Madeline Jeory, Jackie Bradley, Monica Danby
1987 42nd Street Bradford/Leeds Sally McLean, Caroline McLean, Kim Webb, Cath Morton
1986 Whisperwood Taunton Heather Addicott, June Richards, Cynthia Tucker, Anya Peat
1985 Quadrophonic Stockport Brenda Lomax, Rosie Lockett, Anne Lowing, Jean Thomas
1984 Sound Entertainment Liverpool Mary Walker, Rhiannon Whittle, Grace Edwards, Marge Jones
1983 Bristol Creme Bristol Jill Deas, Diane Torrible, Delyth Evans, Carole Turner
1982 Penny Lane Liverpool/Sheffield Julie Bushnell, Pat Evans, Sharon Wood, Madeline Jeory
1981 Spectrum (LABBS) Reading Sheila Childs, Jenny Lovegrove, Beryl Still, Pam Teasdale
1980 Conchords Leeds Dot Hall, Hazel Jiggins, Paula Little, Cath Morton
1979 None No convention held this year
1978 Shades Reading Val Wood, Rosemary Carter, Dorothy Bosley, Lesley Colver
1977 The Blue Chords Liverpool Margaret Kay, Jean Cartwright, Judith Sanders, Rhiannon Whittle
1976 The Minor Birds Reading Daph Powell, Janet Holland, Kay Derrig, Kim Derrig

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