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L-R: Raymond Davis, Robert Lenoil, Michael Stewart and Cory Hunt

Q was The Far Western District's 2003 Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor: Raymond Davis
  • Lead: Robert Lenoil
  • Bari: Cory Hunt
  • Bass: Michael Stewart

Contest Placement


2003 2004
28th 20th

District (FWD)



Q:The First Year (2004)

Q:The First Year


Q was a youthful quartet of accomplished barbershop singers that burst onto the scene in 2003. In its first nine months, this Reno, Nevada, and Placerville, California, based quartet took first place at the Nor Cal East Division contest and won the Far Western District quartet championship (not only winning the FWD district, but outscoring every quartet in all sixteen districts!). They finished 28th that year at international in Montreal and went on to place 20th in Louisville in 2004.

Poster boys for the young men in harmony movement (half started singing barbershop before the age of ten; the other half in their teens) and for the art of woodshedding (all four were AHSOW members), Q coached other quartets at the Sacramento Area Quartet Workshop and student quartets at the Northern California Youth Harmony Camp.

Q went into the studio to record The First Year, its debut CD. What a year! The album has 13 well-chosen classics that showcased the group's ringing chords and tight harmonies.

While the quartet disbanded in the fall of 2004, it came together in August of 2017 to headline the High Sierra Harmony Brigade show. Q will be long-remembered as a high-quality, entertaining quartet that endeavored to openly spread the joys of harmony to its adoring fans.