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Maxx Factor is Sweet Adelines International's 2011 International Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

Winning Members:

  • Tenor: Molly Plummer
  • Lead: Leslie J. Wodday
  • Bari: Kim Hudson
  • Bass: Valerie Hadfield-Rasnake

Contest Placement


2008 2009 2010
4th 3rd 1st

Regional (R19)

Extended History

Individual Histories

Baritone - Kim Hudson

Barbershop brat Kim and a co-founder of MAXX Factor. Her talent, humor and enthusiasm comes from her barbershop family. Prior to MAXX Factor, Kim began quarteting with the Sweet Adelines Region 19 medalist quartet Vanity Fair. Kim brings humor and her experienced barbershop ear to quartets she coaches. She won a Sweet Adelines International chorus silver medal singing with the Pride of Baltimore Chorus. Kim resides in Newark, Delaware with her husband Jim and children, Jimmy and Beth and their turtle, Henry. She works for Brandywine Technology in Wilmington, Delaware.

Tenor - Molly Dalton Plummer

Prior to joining MAXX Factor, Molly sang with Sweet Adelines Region 19 quartet Star Attraction and multi-medalist quartet RhythmWorks. Molly is a certified dance aerobics instructor and has created choreography from flag twirling to synchronized swimming! She has created choreography that has led several Sweet Adeline quartets and choruses to Regional and International medals. She previously sang with the Upper Chesapeake Chorus and has been singing and dancing on the Pride of Baltimore front row since 1999. Molly began creating choreography for Pride of Baltimore in 1999 but retired as full-time chorus choreographer to spend more time with her family. She resides in Maryland with her family including 4 cats and mini-rex rabbit. She is a Certified Medical Assistant and works as the Financial Coordinator for a Plastic Surgeon.

Lead - Leslie Wodday

Prior to singing with MAXX Factor, Leslie was the Lead in Signature Sound, the 2000 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions. Leslie has been a Sweet Adeline since she was a mere teenager! The experience and wisdom Leslie brings to MAXX Factor as well as to all she coaches, is incomparable. She sang with the Arundelair, Elkridge and Pride of Baltimore choruses, earning regional and international accolades. Leslie lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her dogs Maggie and Toby and works as the Director of Operations for The Artemis Group at the Franklin House in historic Annapolis, Maryland.

Bass - Valerie Hadfield-Rasnake

Valerie, a barbershop brat, is a co-founder of MAXX Factor. Val has competed in Sweet Adeline Region 19 medalist quartets Ritz-Carleton and Vanity Fair. She won three Sweet Adeline Silver medals with the Pride of Baltimore Chorus. Valerie loves to teach "selling" a good ballad along with coaching choreography. Her years of barbershop exposure from her family, help create her expert ear for barbershop music. Val works as a Retail Coordinator for Perry Ellis Menswear and she uses her professional clothing knowledge to outfit MAXX Factor as well as quartets and chorus she coaches. Val and her husband Bill reside in Joppa,MD with their children Greer and Griffin and dogs Bailey, Madison and Patch, the big boned beagle.

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