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Four Bettys is Sweet Adelines International's 2008 International Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

Winning Members:

  • Tenor: Joan Boutilier
  • Lead: Lynda Keever
  • Bari: Heather Mears
  • Bass: Cori Albrecht

Contest Placement


2004 2005 2006 2007
7th 3rd 2nd 1st

Regional (R03)

2002 2003 2004
2nd 2nd 1st


Good Queen Fun (2008)
How Many Hearts Have You Broken
Didn't We
Saturday In The Park
Dr. Jazz / Land of Jazz Medley
Spreadin' Rhythm Around
Oh How I Miss You Tonight
Come Fly With Me
Wonderful Day / Zip A Dee Doo Dah Medley
Vaya Con Dios
My Melancholy Baby
Gospel Medley
This Is Some Lucky Day
Who I Am
Four Bettys (2006)
Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
In My Life
Happy Together
Sentimental Gentlemen / Two Tickets To Georgia
I'm Alone Because I Love
Good Old A Capella
If I Love Again
Original Dixieland One Step
Love Me Tender
One Voice
Kiss Me One More Time
One Fine Day
Great Day

Extended History

Four Bettys has a combined 40+ years of singing and numerous national and international awards.

Individual Histories

JOAN BOUTILER Joan has been a Sweet Adeline since 1989, and has been the director of the Choral-Aires Chorus since 1996. Joan is also an active quartet and chorus coach. In recent years, Joan has become an Approved Candidate Judge in the Sound Category the Sweet Adelines International Judging program and a Mentor Director to other directors in the organization. Joan lives in Lake Zurich, IL.

LYNDA KEEVER Lynda is a member and assistant director of the Melodeers Chorus. Lynda is an Approved Candidate Judge in the Music category. She is also the Directors Coordinator on the Region 3 management team. Lynda resides in Elmhurst, IL. She is also the mother of fellow Four Bettys quartet member, Heather Mears!

HEATHER MEARS Heather began singing in the Melodeers Chorus at the age of 11 and won her first of four International Chorus Champion medals at the age of 13. She is the Baritone Section Leader of the Melodeers Chorus. Heather lives in Chicago, IL, and is a nurse.

CORI ALBRECHT Cori is also a second-generation barbershopper, thanks to her mother, Pat Catencamp. She has been a member of the Melodeers Chorus for 18 years, where she is the Director’s Resource Staff Coordinator and Bass Section Leader. Cori is a freelance Public Relations professional and lives in Rolling Meadows, IL

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