Mark Roberts Senior Quartet Trophy

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Mark Roberts was an International quartet finalist, singing baritone with tenor Jim Creed, lead Eddie Pazik, and bass Willie Joure as the Turners of Detroit quartet in 1942. He was later the Pioneer District president, member of the international contest and Judging Committee, a judge at 13 international contests, international treasurer, and, finally, the first secretary-treasurer of the Harmony Foundation.

The Pioneer District's Grosse Pointe Chapter approached the Society about a desire to create an international trophy to memorialize Roberts, their founder (1945), and co-founder of the Pioneer District (1940). Russ Seely, Art Jones, Bill Lane (all of the Grosse Pointe Chapter), and Ray Starrette designed the trophy. The trophy was formally presented to the Society on January 17, 1986 at the annual "Uncle Sam's Night" party hosted by the Windsor, Ontario, Canada Chapter. Mark's daughters, Marcia Russell and Delores Horner, and their husbands Ron and Pete, were present at the ceremony. Ray McCalpin, 1962 PIO Novice, 1965 PIO and later 1988 PIO Seniors quartet champion and the last active charter member of the Grosse Pointe chapter, was also present.

International Board Member Jim Gugeon carried it to the midwinter convention in Tucson, Arizona the following week and presented it to the winner of the first seniors' quartet contest, the George Baggish Memorial Quartet.

Grosse Pointe has also been involved in providing other International class trophies, including the Society's Ben Landino Quartet Champion trophy, as well as the Pioneer District Quartet Champion trophy.

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