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The District Seniors Quartet Contest usually takes place in the fall, and is often combined with the International Qualifier.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Pioneer District, and the quartet name and personnel registered with the Society.

In addition, quartets in the Seniors category must consist of four singers at least 55 years old, with a combined total of at least 240 years of age.

District Seniors Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2010 Carte Blanche Battle Creek, Flint, Lansing, Mt. Pleasant Donald Terpe, Doug Lynn, Roger Lewis, Brian Dunckel
2009 Harmony Transfer Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek Alan Coombs, Mike O'Donnell, David Cutter, Joel Prather
2008 Resisting-A-Rest Lansing and other unknown Bruce LaMarte, Tom Conner, Steve Warnaar, Phil Haines
2007 Weekend Agenda Lansing Donald Terpe, Tim Oliver, Don Horton, Robert Fox
2006 Patch Cords Lansing J Roger Kahaney, Richard Harlow, Larry Parker, Doug Pearson
2005 Harmony Hounds Battle Creek Dean Burrill, Roger Lewis, Dorn Burrill, Richard Smith
2004 Brotherhood Battle Creek Dean Burrill, Sanford Burrill, Dorn Burrill, Don Burrill
2003 In the Neighborhood Grosse Pointe Jim Grogan, Frank Fortier, Michael Proffitt, Tom Smeltzer
2002 Antiques Roadshow Macomb County, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Frank Thorne Raleigh Bloch, Denny Gore, Roger Lewis, Lee Hanson
2001 New Wrinkle Lansing, Huron Valley Jack Frucci, J. Kelly Brummett, Don Kondor, Walt Quick
2000 Michigan Assembly Saginaw Bay Fred McFadyan, Gene Harrington, Randy Meldrum, Tom Roozenberg
1999 Shades of Grey Grand Rapids Ronald Thomet, Lynwood Kraft, Gary Branch, E. Jack Sidor
1998 Class Reunion Holland Al Walters, Myke Lucas, Bernie Poelman, Del Doctor
1997 Flipside Al Walters, Terry Huyge, Gary Branch, Jack Sidor
1996 Silver Domes Grosse Pointe John Wearing, Russell Seely, John Seeman, John Wade
1995 The Very (Quick) Idea Huron Valley, and unknown others Fred McFayden, Gene Harrington, Rusy Ruegsegger, Walt Quick
1994 Left Overs Art Linde, Fene Johnson, Dick Liddicoatt, Bob Fangert
1993 Old Bones Huron Valley, and unknown others Bill Wickstrom, Bob Demchak, Jim Stephens, Bob Wisdom
1992 Prime Time Huron Valley, and unknown others Bill Wickstrom, Gene Harrington, Jim Stephens, Lowell Thomas
1991 Friends Indeed Grosse Pointe Hank DeMars, Howard Masters, Gordon Dubrul, Nels Gregersen
1990 Senior Class Huron Valley, and unknown others Bill Wickstrom, Jim Stephens, Clay Jones, Walt Quick
1989 The President's Men Huron Valley, and unknown others Bill Wickstrom, Jim Stephens, Clay Jones, Walt Quick
1988 The Four Fits Detroit and Grosse Pointe John Wearing, Russ Seely, Ray McCalpin, Marv Burke

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