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Lunch Break is a Nashville, TN based comedy quartet who has been an International Semifinalist for the last four years.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor: Shane Scott
  • Lead: Eddie Holt
  • Baritone: K.J. McAleesejergins
  • Bass: Mike O'Neil

Former Members

  • Baritone: Drew Ellis (2007-2010)

Contest Placement


  • 2007 - forming
  • 2008 - 13th (tie)
  • 2009 - 12th
  • 2010 - 11th
  • 2011 - 11th
  • 2013 - 15th
  • 2014 - 9th


  • 2007 Dixie District Champion


Out To Lunch (CD)

Extended History

This quartet started out as 4 friends in the local Nashville, TN chapter. After singing around for fun, the quartet decided to make a go of it together as a comedy quartet, forming in the summer of 2007 right after the Denver International Convention. Lunch Break won the District that fall and went on to qualify in the Spring for Nashville's 2008 convention.

Competing with songs and acts such as parodies of Elvis's "Good Luck Charm" as "Lucky Charms", Lunch Break likes to self-deprecate while making so much fun of themselves, it's hard not to like them. Usually, the stage has cereal all over it when they're done.

Lunch Break is also known for their infamous 2010 mic testing set for the finals, in which they brought up the other semi-finalists who did not make the top ten. This led to a sound error that caused them to have to re-mic-test after the first contestant had already sung.

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