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Collegiate Quartets are competing in/for the Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest. At contest time, all four singers must be 15-25 years of age. Early in the competition's history, quartets could have no more than two BHS members; this restriction has since been lifted. The quartet name and personnel must be registered with BHS's Collegiate Coordinator. A Collegiate Quartet's "home" district is determined by the location of its singers' educational institution(s) and/or permanent residence(s).

Not every District holds a separate Collegiate Contest; the International Qualifier is often the only Collegiate competition at the District level. "District Collegiate Champion" may not be officially awarded, but some quartet will always be the top scorer.

District Collegiate Quartet Champions

Year Quartet From
2014 T.B.A.
2013 Soundquake
2012 (No competitors)
2011 After Shave
2010 After Hours Bradley University
2009 After Hours Bradley University
2008 Nobody's Afterthought
2007 The Aboriginals
2006 Tesseract
2005 Tesseract
2004 (No competitors)
2003 Fourtunes Fools
2002 FOURtunes Fools
2001 Vocal Tonic
2000 Three Pips and a Squeak
1999 Parr For The Course*
  • 1999: Outscored by Bored of Education, High School Quartet Champions

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