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L-R: Chris Cordle, Brandon Smith, Cody Harrell and Aaron Pollard

Frontier is the 2018 International Collegiate Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor: Chris Cordle
  • Lead: Aaron Pollard
  • Bari: Brandon Smith
  • Bass: Cody Harrell

Contest Placement

International - Open

2017 2018 2019
35th 18th 18th

Collegiate International

2015 2016 2017 2018
9th 5th 6th 1st

District (PIO)


Frontier 4 - The Next Generation (2019)
Giants in The Sky
Do You Know the Muffin Man?
I Thought She Knew
Blazing Saddles
Gold Mine
Shut Up And Dance
Come On Get Happy
Keep Your Sunny Side Up
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Time Warp
Blazing Bloopers

Extended History


Frontier Quartet has been singing together since March 2015, and is the 2019 18th place BHS International Semifinalist and the 2018 International Next Generation Varsity Quartet Champions. The members of the quartet come from different musical backgrounds and expertise after singing with numerous other quartets through their early years in the Barbershop Harmony Society. The quartet took 9th place in the 2015 Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest in Pittsburgh, PA after securing the district college qualifier in April of that year. In October 2015, the young men each attained a lifelong dream together when they each captured their first PIO Quartet Champions in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In July 2016, the quartet achieved their highest overall score in the first annual international youth quartet contest and secured a fifth place medal, a first for the Pioneer District. In 2017, the quartet took 6th place in the international youth quartet contest and 35th in the world in their very first open contest. In 2018, Frontier won the Next Generation Varsity Quartet competition and took 18th in the open contest in Orlando, FL. Frontier is the first quartet from the Pioneer District to win the Next Generation quartet competition.

Frontier’s members came together while singing with The Voice youth barbershop chorus, a former youth chorus that promoted youth in harmony and general music education for young male singers across the state of Michigan. They are now the musical directors and executive leaders of the City Lights Chorus of the Motor City Metro chapter of the BHS. The group attributes their success to the love, encouragement and generosity of the Pioneer District. They love to make incredible music wherever they can and aim to cultivate the next generation of young barbershop singers.

Chris Cordle (tenor) hails from Farmington Hills, Michigan. Following his graduation from Farmington High School, Chris enrolled in a website development program at Schoolcraft College in Livonia. Chris hopes to use his photoshop skills for something outside of the Bob Ross-esque creations he makes as class assignments. When he isn’t attending class or working, he enjoys rousing sessions of online gaming with his barbershop family around the world and walking his perfect pitbull, Lucy.

Aaron Pollard (lead) is a Music Education graduate from Eastern Michigan University. Aaron is a third generation barbershopper from Farmington Hills, the son of Craig Pollard (1990 PIO District Champs, Checkmate) and grandson of Tom Pollard (1960 PIO District Champs, Air Males). As a music student, Aaron founded and lead the only a cappella group at EMU, Evergreen. He is one of the directors of the City Lights Chorus based in Northville, MI and a sought-out coach in the Pioneer District. When he isn’t singing or coaching, Aaron enjoys rooting for any and all UofM sports teams and losing at board games to the rest of the quartet.

Brandon Smith (baritone) recently took a position at Bedford High School in Bedford, Michigan, following his graduation from the music education program at Michigan State University. After joining the Grand Blanc High School choir, Brandon combined his love of barbershop and choral music as a music educator, and uses his expansive knowledge to guide the way he teaches music. He is one of the directors of the City Lights Chorus based in Northville, MI and a sought-out coach in the Pioneer District. Outside of his various musical hobbies, Brandon is fluent in nearly every iPhone and iPad video game available on the app store and enjoys maple syrup fresh from the trees of his homeland, Canada.

Cody Harrell (bass) is a journalism and English educator at East Lansing High School and a graduate of Michigan State University. While Cody has been singing nearly his entire life, he was introduced to barbershop at the age of 16 with the Flint Arrowhead Chorus after an invitation from his best friend, Brandon. Driven by his love for journalism and organization, Cody handles the quartet finances, graphic design and travel, and is greatly unappreciated in the quartet for these reasons. When he isn’t teaching, he enjoys morning runs, baked goods, and being a vegetarian even though he’s made fun of every two minutes by Chris.

Also Sang With

Chris Cordle

Aaron Pollard

Brandon Smith

  • G-Fours - Collegiate Competitors, 2014

Cody Harrell

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