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Chordiac Arrest is a quartet in the Barbershop Harmony Society. In 1988 and 1989 they earned 5th place in the BHS International Quartet Contest.

The Group

If you like to laugh, this is your group. Chordiac Arrest got the judges laughing so hard they let the quartet slip into the top ten in their first International contest. It was five years before the judges stopped laughing long enough to realize what they had done. By that time, Chordiac had made the Top Ten three more times and were wearing two International medals.

"Live and Well" contains a full half-hour show, complete with between-songs gags and patter, plus seven other goodies. "Second Opinion" has 14 more tunes from contest and show stage. (No, they don't do anything straight.) The famous Chordiac Arrest guarantee: If you don't laugh harder every time you hear it, we'll cheerfully consider a full refund.

Quartet Members

Medalist Members:

  • Tenor: Doug Wehrwein
  • Lead: Dick Johnson
  • Bari: Lynn Hauldren
  • Bass: George Peters

Contest Placements


1987 1988 1989 1990 1991
9th 5th 5th 9th 15th


Represented the Illinois District.


  • Second Opinion - (year)

Extended History

Also Sang With

Doug Wehrwein

Dick Johnson

Lynn Hauldren

George Peters

Gregg Peters

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