Channel Markers

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Channel Markers

The Channel Markers was active in the 1950s in Toledo, OH. The founder, Walter Schwartz, was an employee of Toledo's Harbor and Bridges department and rewrote "We’re Strong for Toledo" as "The Port Song", adding in nautical-themed lyrics and recording ambient port sounds. [1]

Marvin passed in 1971 [2].


  • Walter Schwartz
  • Marvin Stimpfle
  • Carl Murphy
  • George Yeats

Also Sang With

Marvin Stimpfle

  • Marv sang as one of the Gaylord Quartet, a quartet formed by Walter Schwartz, who revised "Toledo, Our Future's Terrific" to make it nautical themed. In 1957, the quartet (also including Carl Murphy and George Yeats) recorded the song, called "The Port Song". [3]