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Brouhaha is the SPPBSQSUS 2023 International Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor: Tim Reynolds
  • Lead: David Calland
  • Baritone: Clay Hine
  • Bass: Kirk Young

Competition History

International - Open



Clay, Dave, Kirk, and Tim started singing together in the fall of 2019 with one very simple goal – to create some brouhaha by showing people how much fun it is to sing barbershop. Unfortunately, because of the lack of brouhaha in the world since then, we haven’t had much chance yet to do that…but we did create our own little brouhaha over that time by getting together, rehearsing, and having a bunch of fun singing barbershop. We had so much fun that we decided we needed a name that reflected what we enjoyed through barbershop…and after using the word “brouhaha” for 2 years, it seemed like a natural thing for the four of us to keep Brouhaha going!

We’ve all heard the expression “…and the rest is history…”, which in no way applies to Brouhaha, because none of the rest has happened yet. This Brouhaha is just getting started!

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