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The Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Barbershop Quartet Singing in the United States is established to ensure that the wholly American institution of Male barbershop quartet singing is preserved in the form and manner in which it was birthed --- by utilizing songs typifying those composed during the years between 1890 to 1929. The hallmarks of particularly appropriate stylistic songs were recognized and codified by a meeting of Barbershop song arrangers who met in Racine, Wisconsin in 1970. Such songs have easily discernible internal harmonies, which enable the singer to quickly and appropriately harmonize with the melody of the song, as well as 46 other discernible hallmarks. All records of the 1970 meeting have been lost. But the real old Barbershopper will assure you that your ear is the best guide.

It is the noble and honorable mission of this organization to preserve and propagate this art form during the lifetime of every member and to pass it on intact, undiluted and un-evolved to succeeding generations of male singers. In doing so, one the primary aims of this organization is to have fun --- fun in singing, fun in fellowship and fun in living a good life.


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