Barberpole Cats

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Barberpole Cats (Pole cats) are a group of songs that are usually compiled in a book. They are used as a tutorial for new barbershoppers and also are useful when singing impromptu with other singers from other chapters because most people know at least some of these songs.

The songs

  • The Old Songs
  • Down Our Way
  • Heart of My Heart
  • Shine on Me
  • Sweet Adeline
  • Wait 'til the Sun Shines, Nellie
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  • You Tell Me Your Dream
  • Down by the Old Mill Stream
  • Honey that I Love So Well/Little Lize
  • Sweet and Lovely
  • My Wild Irish Rose


  • Give Me Your Hand
  • Ring, Ring the Banjo

Quartets who have competed with Pole Cats