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A list of all British National Quartet Champions since their first contest in 1974.

From 2020, Qualification for International Convention takes place at Quartet-Con (held in November), where all quartets achieving the qualifying score of 78% are eligible to compete at International (subject to invitation from BHS).

Champions by year

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor Lead Baritone Bass
1974 The Ringleaders Paul Wren Bob Walker Ron Avis Bill Little
1975 The Five Bridge Four Ron Hope Bill Gilles Jack Dutton Keith Murray
1976 The Barrytones Barry Nowell Nick Carter Colin Carter Bob Watkin
1977 The Fortunaires Brian Shorrocks Bob Walker Colin Barnaby George Parish
1978 The Newtown Ringers Bill Hilton Don Amos Mike Watts Bob Witherington
1979 NO COMPETITION - - - -
1980 Par Four Phil Bricknell John Batty Steve Hall Tom Percy
1981 Regency Pride Allan Henderson Keith Pover Derek Barton Graham Smith
1982 Limited Company Clive Landey Howard Myers Steve Hall Stuart Wineberg
1983 Mancunian Way Graham Frost Bob Thompson John Batty John Kelly
1984 On Spec Steve Hall Keith Northrop Richard Baker Tom Percy
1985 Gilt Edge Jack Bird Graham Willcocks Roger Williams Ian Wiseman
1986 Junction 33 Phil Bricknell Clive Hill Colin Maskrey Steve Holden
1987 Times Square Vaughan Dooley Tony Barnes Richard Curtis Geoff Packwood
1988 High Time Steve Hall Keith Northrop Laurie Whittle Roy Dawson
1989 Quartz Precision Derek Barton Brian Schofield Andy Clarke Graham Smith
1990 Curtain Call Rod Butcher Bernie Cureton Dale Kynaston John Riseborough
1991 Talk of the Town David Tanner Keith Northrop John Ward Roy Dawson
1992 Quattro Dave Arran Dave Brown Tim Braham Martin Ford
1993 Island Engagement Alan Hartley Alan Sloper Jon Conway Stuart Sides
1994 Sound Assembly Rod Butcher Bernie Cureton Martin Flory [[Martin Ford
1995 Smilin' Thru' Buss Beedon Dave Brown Paul Grier Steve Holden
1996 Hooked on Harmony Derek Barton Brian Schofield Andy Curd Gerry Burgrum
1997 Cambridge Blues Ian James Bob Croft John Palmer David Farmer
1998 Chordial Exchange Chris Barnes Dave Roberts Tom Riley Tom Percy
1999 Shockwave Tony Bylett Dave Brown Paul Grier Graham Davies
2000 The Likely Lads Duncan Whinyates Lee Sperry Tim Braham Rob Barber
2001 MATRIX Tony Bylett Michael Potts Neil Firth Martin Ford
2002 The Light Industrial Choral Society Geoff Unwin Brian Schofield Andy Clarke Graham Davies
2003 Sound Crew Andy Foster Dale Kynaston Tom Wilkin Andy Funnell
2004 Prime Time Steve Green Stuart Sides Jon Conway Stuart Owen
2005 The Works Mike Warner Brian Schofield John Palmer Martin Ford
2006 Pitch Invasion Rod Butcher Dale Kynaston Timm Barkworth Andy Funnell
2007 Q.E.D. Dick Knight Keith Rees Peter Nugent Andrew Walker
2008 Monkey Magic Bolton Alan Hughes Zac Booles Joe Knight Duncan Blackeby
2009 Evolution Cambridge Tony Bylett Michael Potts Timm Barkworth Stuart Owen
2010 Steel Bristol Andy Foster Keith Rees Peter Nugent Andy Funnell
2011 Crossfire Ian James Duncan Whinyates Neil Firth Andy Walker
2012 iQ Mike Warner Brian Schofield Peter Nugent Mike Taylor
2013 Emerald guard Sheffield Antoine Kaiserman Tim Briggs Andy Allen Duncan Blackeby]
2014 Park Street Bristol Laurence Hasson Alastair Hay-Plumb David Foot Simon Arnott
2015 Tagline Sheffield Ben Ferguson James Gower-Smith Chris Langworthy Rob Foot
2016 Finest Hour East Midlands James Williams Eddie Williams Nick Williams Phil Cuthbert
2017 Portobello Road Ian James Brian Schofield Steve Emery Stuart Owen
2018 The Locksmiths Richard Fisher Simon Lubkowski Zac Booles Andy Walker
2019 Sound Hypothesis Don Amos (London) Arran Bayliss-Chalmers Conrad Godfrey Arun O'Sullivan Alex Moore

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