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2012: Renée, Kari-Lynn, Kathleen, Katrine
Showcase is Harmony, Inc.'s 2009 International Quartet Champion.

Quartet Members

Winning Members:

  • Tenor: Katrine Dickau
  • Lead: Kathleen Macdonald
  • Bari: Debbie Dodge Borsari
  • Bass: Renée Tramack

New Members:

  • Bari: Kari-Lynn Knight

Contest Placement


2007 2008 2009
2nd 2nd 1st

Area 2

2007 2008 2009
2nd 1st 1st


Showcase released their first full-length album, titled Birds Gotta Fly, in November of 2012.

Extended History

Showcase was crowned as Harmony Queens in 2009 at the 50th Anniversary IC&C in Providence, Rhode Island. They began competing in 2007, finishing in second place two years in a row before winning the quartet championship. They are all members of the award-winning New England Voices in Harmony chorus from Nashua, New Hampshire.

Katrine Dickau (tenor) lives in Hollis, New Hampshire. She has enjoyed performing since she was two years old. She is a fiddler and also sings/plays with a contemporary Christian rock band. She found barbershop in 2005, originally as a baritone with New England Voices in Harmony.

Kathleen Macdonald (lead) lives in Nashua, New Hampshire. She sang through high school and college, and returned to barbership singing in 2000 becoming a member of New England Voices in Harmony.

Kari-Lynn Knight (baritone) lives in Hudson, New Hampshire. She comes from a singing/drama background. While not singing, she is a busy mother of five. She joined New England Voices in Harmony and the barbershop world in 2009.

Renée Tramack (bass) lives in Nashua, New Hampshire and is a second-generation barbershopper, joining Harmony, Inc. as a teenager. She is an experienced quartet performer and has directed choruses throughout Virginia and New England. Renée is currently director of New England Voices in Harmony. She has an active barbershop family: her daughters Christina and Samantha are members of New England Voices in Harmony and her husband Steve and son Joshua are members of the Nashua Granite Statesmen. (Barbershop Harmony Society)

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