Dealer's Choice Award

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The Dealer's Choice Award is an award given to the highest placing new quartet each year in the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Contest.


The award was first given in 2009. It was named in honor of the Dealer's Choice quartet, who won their first time out in 1973.


To be eligible for the Dealer's Choice award, a quartet must be a "new" quartet, meaning that no two members have competed together before on the International Stage (this does not include the Collegiate competition.) It may not include a prior international quartet champion (full AIC member) nor two or more prior winners of the award.


Year Quartet Score District Place Overall Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2018 Rhapsody 81.8 SWD 21st Aaron Turner, Drew Prince, Matt Swann, Donovan Davis
2017 Pratt Street Power 82.3 MAD 16th Vincent Sandroni, Ed Schubel, Ben Hawker, Darren Schmidt
2016 Route 1 82.4 MAD 19th Drew Wheaton, Kevin Hughes, Aaron Hughes, Brian O'Dell
2015 Flightline 78.9 FWD 30th Oscar Sotelo, Daniel Huitt, Marcus Kang, Kyle Williamson
2014 The Newfangled Four 82.0 FWD 16th Joey Buss, Jackson Niebrugge, Ryan Wisnieski, Jake Tickner
2013 The Con Men 79.8 JAD 30th David A. Strasser, Matthew A. Hopper, Russell T. Watterson, Brent A. Suver
2012 Lemon Squeezy 81.1 SNOBS 19th Alexander Löfstedt, Victor Nilsson, Mattias Larsson, Martin Jangö
2011 Da Capo 83.5 MAD 14th
2010 TNS 84.4 DIX 14th Rick Spencer, Ryan Killeen, Dusty Schleier, David Carden
2009 Musical Island Boys 84.1 BHNZ 10th Jeff Hunkin, Marcellus (Lusa) Washburn, William Hunkin, Matthew Gifford