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Name collisions: I personally give precedence in order of Society size and group "fame":

  1. Int'l champs/medalists: BHS, then SAI, then HI
  2. Int'l competitors: BHS, then SAI, then HI
  3. District/Affiliate champs/medalists: BHS, then SAI, then HI
  4. District/Affiliate competitors: BHS, then SAI, then HI

Example: Keepsake vs Keepsake (HI). They're both gold medalists, but BHS is older, larger, and more well known. Also, the BHS quartet's page got created first; it was the only "Keepsake" page at that time.

For After Hours vs After Hours (HI), it looks like the LABBS quartet page just got created first. If you feel an urge to move it to After Hours (LABBS), go for it. I understand: HI Int'l champs vs LABBS "regional" champs. Before you go rampaging through the namespace, though, keep in mind that future quartets may "jump" the precedence ladder. First-come, first-served does have its appeal.

I developed this "system" out of my own thoughts and preferences, just to get the content posted at all. If you see a way to make it better, more consistent, or easier to use, PLEASE pipe up.

Another thought: I haven't yet seen any disambiguation pages (as such). Maybe this could spark the first few?

--Paks Paladin 11:25, 21 July 2010 (UTC)