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Take 4 is Harmony, Inc.'s. 2022 International Quartet Champion. [1]

The quartet formed in January of 2014 and proudly represents Sweet Adelines International, Harmony Incorporated and the Barbershop Harmony Society.


  • Tenor: Melissa VanHousen
  • Lead: Chacey Steen
  • Bari: Kristin Drummond-Mance
  • Bass: Wendy Spilker

Contest Placement



Harmony, Inc. Area (A4)



Self titled album, "Take 4" - 2017

Jingle Bells (Single) - 2016

Extended History

Individual Histories

Melissa VanHousen

Melissa has been singing in choral ensembles for the past nineteen years and music has always been her passion. Immediately after completing her graduate degree in Music Education from Northwest Missouri State in 2008, Melissa became a Sweet Adeline and spent some time singing with the RiverSong Chorus in St. Joseph, Missouri. Since then, Melissa has performed in several regional medalist quartets, now singing tenor with Take 4. She is in her seventh year of teaching music and enjoying her time at Greenwood Elementary. In August 2015 Melissa gave birth to her son Brysen and loves spending time with her baby and husband Richard.

Chacey Steen

Chacey was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended Northwest Missouri State University for her B.A. in Music Education and M.Ed in School Administration. From an early age her life was filled with music, as her father was a trained and renowned area musician. Chacey is a lover of animals, all things Mary Poppins and sings lead in Take 4.

Kristin Drummond-Mance

Kristin is a teacher educator in Raytown, MO. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Kristin completed her B.Ed at McGill University and then moved to KC to complete her M.Ed at Park University. She is a first generation barbershopper who has been enjoying this hobby since 2000. In addition to singing baritone with Take 4, Kristin also serves as baritone co-section leader in the new Vocal Standard Chorus and is an associate member of the Kansas City Chorus. Kristin enjoys sharing this hobby with her husband Rob, current director of both Central Standard and Vocal Standard Choruses.

Wendy Spilker

Wendy Spilker has been singing barbershop for over 25 years. Married into a third generation barbershop family, with her children continuing the music, she is well supported in her quartet and chorus adventures. 12 Years of singing Baritone started her journey and the last 13 have been all about that Bass. A five time Regional Quartet Champion, she has had the pleasure of multiple championships with St. Louis Harmony Chorus as well. Wendy is looking forward to many great experiences in her barbershop world! Her primary interests are anything outdoors, anything pertaining to the arts, cooking and most importantly great conversations and great times with great people.

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