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Sound of Illinois (Bloomington)

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'''Performances for charity''': '''March of Dimes Radio Auction''' (later the Children’s Health Services Radio Auction) [[Media:WJBC Auction 1.jpg]], '''WJBC Radio Brotherhood Tree''' (Christmas gifts for needy McLean County, IL, families), '''Habitat for Humanity''' fund-raising concerts [[Media:Habitat 2009.jpg]], '''Brokaw (Hospital) Follies''' fund-raising programs.
'''Community performances''': Annual shows (every year since inception) for local patrons featuring the best barber shop quartets and the Bloomington chorus; '''Sounds of Christmas''', a free holiday program that features featured local community talent (SOI is the only group selected that performed every yearuntil the final show in 2016) [[Media:Sounds of Christmas3.jpg]]; '''Christmas at the Courthouse''', a day-long program of local performers at the McLean County Museum of History [[Media:SOI Valentine Quartet.jpg]]; '''Community Players''' four productions since the 1960s of The Music Man play, featuring quartets from SOI (see separate section); concerts as featured group with the '''Illinois Symphony Orchestra''' [[Media:BNSymphony.JPG]]; '''Singing Valentines''' [[Media:HH Valentine.jpg]], a service of songs and flowers to local patrons; national anthem for local events [[Media:Isu anthem.jpg]] [[Media:2011 Sound Opportunity sings national anthem at KC Royals game.jpg]]; local church services [[Media:2PC Sing.JPG]] [[Media:Gospel 2011.jpg]]; various civic events [[Media:1953 Korean War Welcome Home.jpg]].
'''Society Recognition''': In 2011, the Bloomington Chapter was recognized by the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) as the Society's third best chapter, judged on a range of activities considered important to success: membership, community outreach, chapter management, contest involvement, member fulfillment.

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