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Spot On

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Extended History
== Extended History ==
2013 Spot On is a new up-and- Formed coming quartet from Harmony, Incorporated out of Area 4. They formed in Februaryof 2013 and competed in their first Area competition in June where they were honored to place first. In November they competed in the Harmony, Incorporated International Quartet CONTEST, and were delightfully surprised and deeply humbled to be crowned the 2013 Harmony Queens!
Maggie, Jen, Joy and Kris come from different parts of the country, so rehearsals are always a treat. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky respectively, the girls really enjoy getting together for shows, contests and rehearsals to spend time together... and maybe even sing a little.
Spot On is a very family oriented quartet, as all of its members are "Barbershop Brats." Any success the quartet has had, can all be traced back to their loving and supportive families. Learn more about our families on the "Our Barbershop Origins" tab.
== Individual Histories ==

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