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The District Seniors Quartet Contest usually takes place in the fall, and is often combined with the International Qualifier.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Southwestern District, and the quartet name and personnel registered with the Society.

In addition, quartets in the Seniors category must consist of four singers at least 55 years old, with a combined total of at least 240 years of age.

District Seniors Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2011 Elder Bari Whine Houston, TX Norman Running, Steve Coon, Bill McIntire, Rob Smith
2010 Easy Does It Houston, TX & Frank Thorne Norman Running, Dave Leeder, Tim Taggart, Tommy Gartman
2009 The Rare Event Dallas Metro, Houston, TX & Frank Thorne Don Kahl, John Devine, Bob Natoli, John Vaughn
2008 Remember What? New Braunfels, TX John Russel, Lewis Law, Corky Dobson, John Denayer
2007 Eureka! Town North Plano & Dallas Metro,TX, Frank Thorne Frank Friedemann, Art Swanson, Rick Haines, Brian Beck
2006 Backstage Dallas Metro, TX Jon Smith, Mike Johnson, Jack Ware, Baxter Fullerton
2005 Arcade Central TX Corridor,TX Don Fegley, Rich Evans, Hank Hammer, Jim Hansen
2004 Texoma Sound Town North Plano & Houston, TX, Frank Thorne Frank Friedemann, Jim Casey, Bill Thompson, Tom Pearson
2003 Borrowed Time Dallas Metro & San Angelo,TX Bill Heard, Bill Thornton, Joe Frazier, Bruce Clark
2002 Cactus Jack Dallas Metro, TX Bill Heard, Bill Thornton, Al Kvanli, Clark Womack
2001 Up & @ 'Em San Antonio, TX Tommie Young, Rick Sonntag, Darrell Kirby, Artie Dolt
2000 Open Wide Aloha, HI, The Woodlands & Houston, TX, Frank Thorne Hank Hammer, Calvin Jochetz, Bob Natoli, Tom Pearson
1999 Even Grumpier Old Men Houston & Spring, TX John Wiggs, James Holcomb, Paul Cauthron, Ken Pacetti
1998 Senior Ring Dallas Metro & Big D, TX, Frank Thorne Art Haynes, Gary Hatfield, Ron Schmidt, Wally Bradford
1997 Grumpy Old Men Houston, TX Marlon Griffith, Joe Picciandra, Bob Natoli, Ken Pacetti
1996 Gulf Coasters Houston, TX Richard Bain , John Grosnik, Bob Brown, John Hammond
1995 Senior Statesmen Houston, TX Gary Cassell, James Holcomb, Bob Brown, John Hammond
1994 Geri-Atrix Dallas Big D & Town North Plano, TX Barry Solomon, David Whiteley, Ron Schmidt, Art Garrison
1993 Golden Oldies Houston, TX Bill Moring, John Hammond, Bob Brown, Ken Pacetti
1991 Senior Statesmen Houston, TX Marlon Griffith, Joe Picciandra, Dave Ewing, Gordon Smith
1990 Southwest Seniors Ft. Worth, TX Buddy Horine, Judd Germany, Walter Cook, Noral Gregory
1989 Sounds of Yesteryear NW Louisiana, LA Kenneth Long, Tom Bryson, Jim Stone, Jack Thomson
1988 Bayou City Music Committee Houston, TX Marlon Griffith, John Hammond, Dave Ewing, Ken Pacetti
1987 Contemporary Sound Gtr. New Orleans, LA Bill Raborn, Don Grush, Ron Redmann, Sol Heiman

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