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Novice Quartet Contests are usually held as part of the District Quartet Contest. A competing Quartet qualifies as Novice if no more than two members have ever competed in a registered quartet at a district level, in any district, prior to the contest in question. The top-scoring Novice quartet usually recieves an award.

District Novice Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2011 30 North Houston, Spring, TX & Frank Thorne John Galindo, Zachary MacLaren, Roger Anderson, Jeffrey Reifsnyder
2010 Keynote Big "D", Town North Plano Bob Rycroft, Phillip Roth, Mike Korson, Don Heaton
2009 Notable Gentlemen Centroplex Harvey Davidson, "Mike" Reid, "Bobby" Massey, Newman Hood
2008 Initial Sound Spring Zachary MacLaren, "Jeff" Fleming, "Tom" Burnett, Paul MacLaren
2007 Made in the Shade Town North Plano Paul Donald, Nick Devenport, "Steve" Reed, Tim Bird
2006 Exclamation!
2005 HDSQ
2004 Bayou Bliss
2003 Southern Gentlemen
2002 Voices Only
2001 Four In A Million Ft. Worth, TX Meredith Phillips, Chris Todd, John Leath, Robbie Lake
2000 Note-oriety
1999 Backstage
1998 Lonesome Road
1997 Tonal Eclipse
1994 A Touch of Class OK City & Enid, OK Paul Cargill, Gene Holdeman, Steve Hobbs, Sylvan Reynolds
1990 Tulsa Tradition Tulsa, OK Tim Ambrose, Curt Angel, Don Conner, Doug Crowl
1989 The Ripley Brothers OK City, OK & San Diego, CA Mark Winn, Roger Wrobel, Mark Holdeman, Johnny Goebel

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