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The District Seniors Quartet Contest usually takes place in the fall, and is often combined with the International Qualifier.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Sunshine District, and the quartet name and personnel registered with the Society.

In addition, quartets in the Seniors category must consist of four singers at least 55 years old, with a combined total of at least 240 years of age.

District Seniors Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2015 Equinox Jacksonville Big O, Tampa Ralph Brown, Frank Bovino Jr., Wm Patrick Bauer, Ed McKenzie
2014 Gulf Coasters Charlotte County, Frank Thorne Tim McShane, Rod Johnson, Bart Plescia, Jack Slamka
2013 Beach Street Cape Coral Walt Smith, Mike Suermondt, Dave Barton, Bob Brutsman
2012 OLD GUYS RULE Sarasota Dick Zarfos, Bob Mitchell, Jim Woods, Hank Stromenger
2011 Double Play Tampa Ralph Brown. Kent Jenkins, Lynn Hinemann, Charles Nelson
2010 Crosstown Connection Naples, Central Florida, Northbrook, IL Marty Jahnel, Ralph Brooks, Don Smit, Jim Schubert
2009 Great Western Timbre Co. Martin St. Lucie Roger Smeds, Dwight Holmquist, Jack Liddell, Ron Black
2008 Apackalypse Now
2007 Sunset
2006 Stay Tuned
2005 Herald Square Tampa Dave Roberts, Don Shipp, Kent Jenkins, Lou Wurmnest
2004 The Sun-Birds* Naples Robert Boyd, Ed Smith, Eric Ernst, Ed Aucoin
2003 Fourth Quarter Tampa Dave Roberts, Kent Jenkins, Bob Lang, Wayne Brozovich
2002 Four Really Old Guys* Frank Thorne, First Coast Metro Harry Williamson, Tim Delaney, Gary Wetherby, Jack Lang
2001 Sunshine Boys* Frank Thorne, Orlando Bob Blackwood, Jim McGraw, Glenn Stockton, Fred Dryden
2000 Original Cast Cape Coral Walt Smith, Ron Loeffler, Bart Plescia, Richard Miller
1999 ASQ* Tampa Ray Scalise, Dave Roberts, Bob Lang, Jim Woods
1998 Panhandlers Pensacola Cass Phillips, Bill Flynn, Bob Kean, Jeb Stewart
1997 What 4 Palm Beach County Woody Woodrow, Nick Emanuelle, Bruce Prince, Tom Randolf
1996 Endangered Species St. Petersburg, Sarasota Jack Baker, Keith Korneisel, Ed Hinkley, Bud Wilms
1995 Midnight Ramblers Palm Beach County Al Woodard, Dick Grayson, Ron Tarr, Rildo Garell
1992 Saturday's Heroes Cape Coral, Charlotte County Walt Smith, Dave Wilkinson, Neil Plum, Bob Summers
1990 Old Routine St. Petersburg Jack Baker, Keith Korneisel, Owen Murray, Bill Frost
1989 Sounds Incredible Sarasota Bill McAdoo, Hank Vomacka, Bob King, Howard Gollnick
1988 Yesterday’s Generation St. Petersburg T.C. Morris, Ed Bolander, Keith Korneisel, Bud Wilms
1986 Gold Time Orlando Bob Boemler, Ed McAvoy, Many Higgins, Grover Baker
1985 Bradentones Sarasota, Manatee County George Hulst, Art Mould, Don Davis, Frank Folckemer
  • Most of the "not awarded" years did have Seniors Quartets competing, in both the spring and the fall, but none of the available scoresheets explicitly state "So-and-So is the District Seniors Quartet Champion."

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