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The Sweet Adelines International "Rising Star" competition was introduced in 1999 for quartets whose members are 25 years old and under. It was originally held in conjunction with the Sweet Adelines summer International Education Symposium, then was held as part of the international convention from 2009 until 2012, and due to scheduling and cost constraints is now held in the summer. In 2014-2016 it was held as part of a regional summer music camp. In 2017, the event will again be held during the International Education Symposium.

Quartets are rated in the categories of Sound, Music, Expression, and Showmanship.

Rising Star Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2018 Hot Pursuit Michaela Olson, Tessa Walker, Melody Hine, Candra Rice
2017 Adrenaline Maggie McAlexander, Amanda Pitts, Jadyn Johnson, Sara Littlefield
2016 The Ladies Quincie Smith, Caroline Hunt, Kim Newcomb, Ashley Brockman
2015 C'est la vie Caitlin Tervo, Melanie Barker, Krista Moller, Taylor Daniels
2014 ClassRing Michaela Slamka, Heather Krones, Mary Duncan, Hailey Myatt
2013 No contest held
2012 GQ Amanda McNutt, Ali Hauger, Katie Gillis, Katie MacDonald
2011 The Fource Knoxana Leasi, Olivia Samuel, Georgina Peniamina, Theodora Esera
2010 Royal Blush Elizabeth Bearss, Heather-Jade Pase, Lexi Moroni, Jenny Allen
2009 Vogue Erin Cardin, Ruthie Harden, Neyla Pekarek, Ashley Estrada
2008 Whole Lotta Harmony Barbara Reynolds, Ali Hauger, Rachael Baird, Lauren Ambrosino
2007 Luminous Lauren Robards, Emma Harris, Casey Bazzell, Eleanor Mills
2006 Footnotes Erica Wagner, Heather Pase, Lindsay Sanderson, Loren Kaminski
2005 UnderAge Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlen Smith, Mary Segura
2004 Tone Appetit Katarina Nortz, Lisa Maria Lopez, Sephra Osburn, Emerald Lessley
2003 BarbieShop Amber Crutchfield, Lindsey Dosal, Elizabeth Bearss, Jenny Connelly
2002 Voice Activated Alyssa Harris, Karen Maney, Kristi Conner, Lindsay Chartier
2001 Backchat Nicole Campbell, Beth Cambell, Hannah Calder, Ruth Hope
2000 Sandstone Grace Schmidt, Calista Conner, Erin D'Anne Willard, Colleen Riley
1999 Dazzling Diamonds Kristen Dancisak, Ashley Deming, Kelli Miller, Katie Beckett