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Sweet Adelines International no longer contains a Region 23. It was divided among its neighboring Regions. (when?)

Regional Geography

All of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia; most of Tennessee; Florida panhandle.

Extended History


Chapter Hometown ____ Chapter Hometown
Azalea City Harmony Mobile, AL Scenic City Chattanooga, TN
Center Stage Chorus Jackson, MS Smoky Mountain Harmony Knoxville, TN
Harmony Hills Birmingham, AL Smokie Mountain Melodies Blairsville, GA
Harmony River Augusta, GA Song of Atlanta Marietta, GA
Harmony Shores Panama City, FL Sound of the Bay Mobile, AL
Memphis City Sound Memphis, TN Southern Accent Montgomery, AL
Metro Nashville Brentwood, TN Sweet Georgia Sound Macon, GA
Pensacola Sound Pensacola, FL TuneTown Show Nashville, TN


International Quartet Champions

International Chorus Champions

Regional Quartet Champions

Regional Chorus Champions

External Links

  • Official website - no longer exists
  • Region 23 wiki - no longer exists

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