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The Regional Quartet Competition also serves as the International Qualifier. If the Champions decline, 2nd place may compete instead.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both SAI and the Region, and the quartet name and personnel registered with SAI.

Regional Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2013 Epix Rochelle Hachmann, Shelly Brantman, Sarah Nagel, Cathie Zimmerman
2012 Premiere Crosstown Harmony, CAL, Fox Valley Colleen Matt, Nancy Charles, Brenda Krueger, Brenda Follensbee
2011 NRG!
2010 NRG!
2009 Premiere Crosstown Harmony, Melodeers (3), CAL Colleen Matt, Nancy Charles, Renee Rieboldt, Brenda Follensbee
2008 NRG! Crosstown Harmony, Fox Valley, Midwest Crossroads, CAL Jennifer Kelliher, Shelly Brantman, Heather Johnston, Debi Batchelor
2007 Spin CAL, Crosstown Harmony
2006 Spin
2005 Contagious River City Sound, Riverport, CAL
2004 Off the Cuff Crosstown Harmony, Melodeers, CAL, Harmony of the Hill
2003 Outrageous Crosstown Harmony, CAL
2002 Contagious River City Sound, Crosstown Harmony
2001 Outrageous Crosstown Harmony

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