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The Regional Quartet Competition also serves as the International Qualifier. If the Champions decline, 2nd place may compete instead.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both SAI and the Region, and the quartet name and personnel registered with SAI.

Regional Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s) Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2015 Windsor Kimberly Michelle, Ashley Espinosa,

Lexi Moroni, Jenny Allen

2014 Attitude
2013 Quatro Susie Ellis, Julie L. Vaughn, Lana Owens, Joyce E. Tam
2012 Sassy Chelsea Young, Donna Hill, Denise de la Cal, Betty Meinholz
2011 Touché Patty Cobb Baker, Gina Baker, Jan Anton, Kim McCormic
2010 Bling! Dayve Gabbard, Angie Love Callahan, DeeDee Kastler, Kim Elger-Griffin
2009 Journey CAL (13, 19)/Spirit of Detroit (2)/Toast of Tampa Melissa Pope, LeAnn Hazlett, Chris Kirkman, Patti Britz
2008 In The Mix Toast of Tampa Gina Ogden, Chris Kirkman, Lana Owens, Betty Meinholz
2007 In The Mix Gina Ogden, Kimberly DeHetre, Lana Owens, Betty Meinholz
2006 Heatwave Chelsea Young, Susie Courtice, Cindy Doerschuck, Kim Elger-Griffin
2005 Obsession Sue Giesler, Angie Love, Amy Bryan, Paola Pichardo
2004 "the BUZZ" Nancy Fuhrmann, Debbie Connelly, Karen Breidert, Jeannie Froelich
2003 Heatwave Chelsea Young, Janeen Summey, Denise de la Cal, Kim Elger-Griffin
2002 Heatwave
2001 Escapade
2000 Crystal Clear
1999 Obsession

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