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Hello Barbershop Fans:

Many lovers of Barbershop are probably familiar with the arrangements and original compositions of my aunt, Norma Andersen. She died in October of 2015 and her estate is nearing its final settlement. In the interim I've helped groups wanting her material, especially her most popular song, "Kiss Me One More Time." Because I want her work to live on, I took my "share" in managing her music. I don't expect to gain an income from it. I have only asked what she asked and know, if anything, it will only add to tax complications. So be it. The music deserves to be sung. Is it possible to have my aunt's name with my contact information added to your list? I imagine people have tried to email her, but I've had no way of accessing her old AOL account.

Thank you for any assistance you may give and trust you understand why this has all proceeded at such a slow pace. While I am a performer myself -- as a storyteller, I have no time to travel in Barbershop circles and would appreciate any assistance in spreading the word about how contact and performance is still possible.

I'm very new to this site, and hope I'm not sending information I shouldn't but here's the Contact page on my own storytelling website: [1]. If there's a way I should do anything differently, I'll gladly to it to keep her music alive!