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The District Seniors Quartet Contest usually takes place in the fall, and is often combined with the International Qualifier.

At contest time, all four singers must be members in good standing of both the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Land O' Lakes District, and the quartet name and personnel registered with the Society.

In addition, quartets in the Seniors category must consist of four singers at least 55 years old, with a combined total of at least 240 years of age.

District Seniors Quartet Champions

Year Quartet Chapter(s)
2011 Highpoint
2010 St. Croix Crossing
2009 Easy Days Greendale WI
2008 Four Seasons Bloomington MN
2007 Four Olde Times Sake Winnipeg MB
2006 AARPS-a-Chord Minneapolis MN
2005 Perfect Timing Fox River Valley WI
2004 Tune x 4 St Paul MN
2003 Downstate Express Mankato, Winona, Rochester
2002 The Old Tymers Fox River Valley WI
2001 The Old Tymers Fox River Valley WI
2000 Harmony Kenosha WI
1999 Harmony Kenosha WI
1998 Naptime Fargo, Moorhead, Park Rapids
1997 Seasoned Sound St Croix, Hilltop
1996 Seasoned Sound St Croix, Hilltop
1995 Gay 90s Clara City MN
1994 (no contest)
1993 "Grand" Dads Milwaukee WI
1992 Vintage Years St Paul MN
1991 April Showers St Paul MN
1990 Final Edition Eau Claire WI

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