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Novice Quartet Contests are usually held as part of the District Quartet Contest. A competing Quartet qualifies as Novice if no more than two members have ever competed in a registered quartet at a district level, in any district, prior to the contest in question, and no more than one has competed at International. The top-scoring Novice quartet usually receives an award.

District Novice Quartet Champions

Year Quartet From Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2022 Freelance Bloomington, Northbrook Tyler Leibengood, Shane Frantz, Ben Harding, Roman King
2021 Onset
2019 (not awarded)
2018 (not awarded)
2017 The Elite IV
2016 Interlude
2015 Abilene Paradox Northbrook Alex Culpepper, Joe Gurerri, Mike Schnitzler, Glenn Mills
2010 SOS
2009 For The Moment
2008 Q'd Up
2007 (not awarded)
2006 All That Jazz
2005 The Good Guys
2004 Extreme Measures
2003 Shared Elements
2002 Seasoned Sound
2001 Classic Edition
2000 Kensington Road
1999 (not awarded)
1998 (not awarded)
1997 Murphy's Boys

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