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The HOA Heartbeats, authorized by the chapter board in 1969, is the Ladies Auxilliary of the Kansas City Missouri Chapter and Heart of America Chorus. Its overall goal is to support the activities of the chapter through FUNd-raising, social activities, and service projects, and to lend spirit and enthusiasm to the men as they pursue their singing hobby.

The Heartbeats also sponsor the Orval Wilson Harmony University Scholarship every year, to send a first-time participant to Harmony University.

President Heartbeat
of the Year
Orval Wilson
Harmony University
1980 Cathie Warrior
1981 Millie Robinette
1982 Lenna Vance
1983 Peggy Lindsay
1984 Peggy Lindsay
1985 Marilyn Dike
1986 Marilyn Dike
1987 Jan Mathieu Jan Mathieu
1988 Joann Bagby Ruth Sundermeyer
1989 Joann Bagby Donna Lefholtz
1990 Connie Schweer Joann Bagby
1991 Jan Mathieu Jean Whisman
1992 Aileen Beard Aileen Beard
1993 Aileen Beard Betty Einess
1994 Madelyn Tordoff Dixie Abel
1995 Madelyn Tordoff Madelyn Tordoff
1996 Betty Einess Jean Snyder
1997 Betty Einess Mary Jo Miller
1998 Jeanne Snyder Sharon Oldehoeft
1999 Dessie Gathright Betty White
2000 Dessie Gathright Dessie Gathright Jerry Garrard
2001 Sandy Rule
2002 Carol Ramirez Carol Ramirez
2003 Carol Ramirez Joan Korek
2004 Sharon Oldehoeft Charles Ramirez
2005 Sharon Oldehoeft Mary Fortino Brian Marston
2006 Eilene Campsey Eilene Campsey Mike Owen
2007 Eilene Campsey Jeffi Combs
2008 Linda Schumacher Doug Brott
2009 Linda Schumacher Marci Brown-Turlin
2010 Jana Henderson Linda Schumacher
2011 Jana Henderson
2012 Marci Brown-Turlin Shaun Whisler