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Novice Quartet Contests are usually held as part of the District Quartet Contest. A competing Quartet qualifies as Novice if no more than two members have ever competed in a registered quartet at a district level, in any district, prior to the contest in question. The top-scoring Novice quartet usually recieves an award.

District Novice Quartet Champions

Year Quartet From Tenor, Lead, Bari, Bass
2017 (not awarded)
2016 (not awarded)
2015 (not awarded)
2014 (not awarded)
2013 Something in Common
2012 4.0
2011 The Infourmants
2010 (not awarded)
2009 And How!
2008 Beginner's Luck
2007 (not awarded)
2006 (not awarded)
2005 (not awarded)
2004 (not awarded)
2003 (not awarded)
2002 (not awarded)
2001 (not awarded)
2000 (not awarded)
1999 (not awarded)
1998 (not awarded)
1997 (not awarded)

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