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L to R - Trent Lewis (T), Gareth Clarke (L), Tim Green (Bs), Michael Webber (Ba)

Is a Barbershop Quartet from Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2013. They are two-time Barbershop Harmony Australia Quartet Champions and Pan-Pacific champions and are the first Australian quartet to receive an international medal (Collegiate 4th 2015 & 3rd 2017).

Initially formed by three of the members (Gareth, Michael & Timothy) who attended high school together. They were later joined in 2013 by Trent. Many of their arrangments are put together by their baritone singer Michael. They have served on faculty at the Australian Harmony Academy. An event which Barbershop Harmony Australia put on to further the educations of its members and develop the artform in that country.

Quartet Members

  • Tenor: Trent Lewis
  • Lead: Gareth Clarke
  • Baritone: Michael Webber
  • Bass: Timothy Green

Competitive History

Barbershop Harmony Australia Competitive History (Open)

Year Placing Score
2013 8th 70.7%
2014 Pan-Pac 4th 75.4%
2015 2nd 77.1%
2016 1st 80.0%
2017 Pan-Pac 1st 77.9%
2018 1st 79.0%
2019 Score Only 81.1%

Barbershop Harmony Society Competitive History (Collegiate)

Year Placing Score
2015 4th 79.0%
2016 8th 78.9%
2017 3rd 78.7%

Barbershop Harmony Society Competitive History (Open)

Year Placing Score
2017 22nd 80.4%

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