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Barbershop Royale is a barbershop-themed web series produced and hosted by the Destination Quartet, featuring 9 quartets competing remotely in "Survivor"-like challenges. The series was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the cancellation of many barbershop competitions in 2020.

Participating quartets were asked to provide a short introductory video of their quartet, video of past performance, a "music video" of the quartet singing a traditional barbershop song, and video of quartet members conducting an egg-and-spoon race.

Viewers were allowed to vote through an online interface to give their selected quartet "immunity" in upcoming challenges. The winner of the round was reported by Destination Quartet before releasing the subsequent episode. In addition to votes, immunity was provided to quartets whose chosen charity received the most donations. Each quartet picked one charity to represent for the duration of the series.

Participating Quartets

Episode List

Episode # Release Date Episode Title Challenge Winner Eliminated
Episode 1 Aug 12, 2020 The Beginning Ripple Effect n/a
Episode 2 Aug 26, 2020 The Egg-cellent Race Daily Special Aristocrats
Episode 3 Sep 9, 2020 Keepin' it Barbershop Ripple Effect C'est La Vie
Episode 4 Sep 23, 2020 The Great Hunt Full Of It Taylor Made
Episode 5 Oct 7, 2020 In your Own Words Ripple Effect Trademark
Episode 6 Oct 21, 2020 Rewind n/a n/a
Episode 7 Nov 4, 2020 Keepin' it Current Daily Special Hot Second
Episode 8 Nov 18, 2020 Know Thyself Karma n/a
Episode 9 Dec 2, 2020 The Gauntlet Ripple Effect Daily Special
Episode 10 Dec 16, 2020 Finale Ripple Effect KARMA & Full Of It

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