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Left to right: A/2C Ernie Plude, Winsted, CT; A/1C Dugal Peck, Adams, NY; A/1C Tom Brown, Hagaman, NY; A/2C Bill McTeer, Ferndale, MI
Tops in Blue 1954 - Jerry Van Dyke at center, the Air Fours are kneeling in the second row
Air Fours
Air Fours
Air Fours

The Air Fours were a quartet in the Barbershop Harmony Society made up of servicemen in the United States Air Force, based out of Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois.

The group were 4th place medalists at the 1955 SPEBSQSA International Barbershop competition.

Quartet Members

Medalist Members:

  • Tenor: William McTeer
  • Lead: Ernest D. Plude
  • Bari: Thomas Brown
  • Bass: Dugal C. Peck

Contest Placement




Represented the Illinois District.


Extended History

The Air Fours had formed in 1953 as an entry in the Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest, starting at a base-level contest held at their base's Service Club, eventually heading to the Air Force-level competition and winning the first place trophy (called “Roger”) at the 10-day competition.

From summer 1954 to March 1955, the Air Fours were one of twelve acts (totaling 24 Air Force servicemen and -women) of the Tops in Blue, an Air Force entertainment group that toured military bases worldwide. Comedian Jerry Van Dyke, an air force serviceman at the time, was one of the 24 entertainers touring with the Tops in Blue that same year. As part of the Tops in Blue, the Air Fours appeared on Ed Sullivan's television show, "Toast of the Town", recorded at Mitchel Air Field in Long Island, New York in July, 1954, during the Tops tour of US-based installations, prior to their departure in December for the Arctic, Europe, the Azores and North Africa with the Northeast Air Command.

Also Sang With

William McTeer

No other quartets at International.

Ernest D. Plude

No other quartets at International.

Thomas Brown

No other quartets at International.

Dugal C. Peck

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