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Sound of Illinois (Bloomington)

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'''Tim Beutel'''
'''Co-Director''' 2019-Present
Tim Beutel found the Sound of Illinois chorus in 2009, when his quartet (After Hours) began competing. Ten years later, he became co-director with Terry Ludwig, who had invited him to his first SOI rehearsal. Tim quickly became tenor section leader and then associate director. His vocal background — a Bradley University degree in vocal music education in 2009 and a master’s in music education from Illinois State in 2015 — has paid huge dividends for the chorus. His attention to vocal production enables the chorus to continue its policy of allowing every man to sing with no qualification process.Living with his wife Melissa and two children, Lincoln and Gwendolyn, in Tremont, Tim sings tenor with After Hours, which won the 2018 international quartet competition in Las Vegas with the highest score ever posted by a quartet. He teaches vocal music at Morton Jr. High, and he and his wife share their considerable music abilities at their church. Tim has a first-class recording studio in his home, where he produces audio learning tracks for SOI and many others. He has recorded three studio albums there for After Hours.
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