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Sound of Illinois (Bloomington)

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[[Image:Sounds of Christmas3.jpg|450px|right]]
The '''Sound of Illinois''' is the only group appearing in the annual '''Sounds of Christmas''' program at State Farm’s Corporate Headquarters every year since its inception in 1974. The program is the brainchild of the late Dick Benson, who got the idea while helping Jim Stahly lead Christmas carol sings at State Farm. Benson, Stahly and Don Munson of WJBC approached President Ed Rust Sr., who offered the Corporate Headquarters facility as the venue. The program ended in 2016 because of extensive remodeling. The Music Shoppe of Normal selects selected talent and organizes organized the show, WGLT-FM Radio handles handled promotion and ticket distribution (originally handled by WJBC Radio) and State Farm provides provided the facility and support staff to stage the hour-long show featuring local musicians who volunteer their services.          
== '''Lucca Grill Connection''' ==

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