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Sound of Illinois (Bloomington)

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== '''Activities''' ==
'''Competition''': The Bloomington chorus appearance in OrlandoSalt Lake City, Fla.Utah, in July 2018 2019 marked the 11th 12th consecutive year (14th 15th overall) that Bloomington has represented Illinois in the “Olympics” of barbershop chorus competition. The chorus placed placed 12th in Pittsburgh in 2015 and 14th in Las Vegas in 2014. (Here are links to the two songs SOI sang in Pittsburgh: Old Man River: Here Comes The Showboat: The chorus placed third in 1957 [[Media:Kountry Kernels L.A. 1957 (2).jpg]], fourth in 1960 [[Media:1960 Contest Dallas - 4th Place.jpg]] and tenth in 1977 [[Media:Philadelphia77.jpg]]. Here are photos from more recent years: [[Media:2008 SOI Nashville.jpg]] [[Media:soi-2009.jpg]] [[Media:soi-2010.jpg]] [[Media:2011Intl.jpg]] [[Media:Image 2(1).jpg]] [[Media:2013Intl.jpg]] [[Media:2014Intl.jpg]]
'''Performances for charity''': '''March of Dimes Radio Auction''' (later the Children’s Health Services Radio Auction) [[Media:WJBC Auction 1.jpg]], '''WJBC Radio Brotherhood Tree''' (Christmas gifts for needy McLean County, IL, families), '''Habitat for Humanity''' fund-raising concerts [[Media:Habitat 2009.jpg]], '''Brokaw (Hospital) Follies''' fund-raising programs.

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