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Sound of Illinois (Bloomington)

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Bloomington’s District Champion Quartets
In 2015, '''Union Station ''' won the title with Bloomington member John Davis (left) singing baritone. The others, from left, are from Northbrook: Jay Giallombardo, bass; Oliver Merrill, lead; Steve Davis, tenor.
In 2016, '''The Committee ''' won the title with Bloomington members, from left: Kevin McClelland, baritone; Brett Mulford, bass; Matt Carlen, lead; Mike Lietke, tenor.
In 2017, '''South of Normal ''' won the title. From left: Bryan Reeder, tenor; Tim Woodall, lead; Bret Reinthaler, bass; Craig Ahlgrim, baritone.
[[Image:Vikings, 1951 Ill. champs.jpg|300px]]
'''1951 Champion Baritone Became Bloomington Member Later'''
Former Bloomington member Bob Lindley (second from left) sang baritone in the 1951 state champions, '''The Vikings''', although prior to his move to Bloomington. He is the only remaining member alive.
== '''Corn Belt Chorus''' ==

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