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Brian Beck is a 2-time Open Quartet Competition Champion with Dealer's Choice (1973) and Side Street Ramblers (1983) and barbershop arranger, teacher, coach and judge.



  • Beck is one of five people to win International singing two different parts (baritone with Dealer's Choice and lead with Side Street Ramblers)
  • Beck is the first person to win a quartet gold medal (seniors included) singing three different parts. (bass of Eureka!)
  • Beck, Don Barnick, and Gary Lewis are the only three people to earn open contest medals singing three different voice parts (Dealer's Choice, Side Street Ramblers, Saturday Evening Post)
  • Beck is the only person to make the top ten singing all four voice parts
    • Tenor
      • Doo Dads (1968, 1970)
    • Lead
      • Side Street Ramblers (1981-1983)
    • Bari
      • Dealer's Choice (1973)
    • Bass
      • Great Stage Robbery (1994-1995)
      • Saturday Evening Post (2001-2005)